Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just Dropping By

Hello!  This is Jill dropping in to say hello to all of our friends and family who read the blog.  Joe does such a great job posting pictures of our little beauties, but they are so much more than that.  The girls are fun - and funny!  One of my favorite things right now is giving the girls the foam (steamed milk) that I take off the top of my latte in the morning.  They love it!  Olive eats it by the spoonful.  Poppy likes to stick her finger (well, a few fingers) into the foam, look at the tiny bubbles on her finger, laugh and then eat it.  This, of course, makes Olive giggle and she switches to the finger-in-foam-and-laugh method as well. 

Poppy and Olive are developing such distinct personalities.  Most parents of multiples don't like when people compare their kids to one another.  Strangers say things like "who is the mean one?" or "she must be the shy one."  I get it.  Really.  But how can't you compare them?  They are, by definition, a study in comparison.  I'm not going to say that one of my kids is better than the other or smarter than the other or prettier than the other, but I have no trouble comparing them in other arenas. 

For instance, Olive is very considerate.  If I tickle Olive, she wants to make sure that I'm going to tickle Poppy, too.  If I read Olive a book, she wants Poppy to sit and read with us.  If I ask Olive which outfit she wants to wear, she tells me which outfit Poppy should wear.  My favorite though - Olive will always offer her last grape to Poppy.  It's very cute.** 

**A few disclaimers:  First, neither of the girls can say "Olive" yet.  They haven't even attempted it.  Both, however, can say Poppy perfectly.  So maybe once they can say "Olive" things will change (but I doubt it).  Second, I gave Olive two marshmallows this morning and told her to give one to Poppy.  She didn't.  Don't tell Poppy.

Poppy is the boss.  Not bossy -- just the boss.  She is the one who likes to be chased (that would make Olive the chaser).  She chooses what toy she wants to play with and if Olive is playing with it, so what.  If Poppy wants it, she takes it.  Sometimes Olive tries to take it back, but more times Olive turns to another toy that she finds less interesting and waits for Poppy to notice that she is playing with something else.  Inevitably, Poppy will drop the original toy, steal the new toy from Olive and Olive will quietly return to the toy that she really wanted to play with anyway.  Does that make Olive the boss?  Wait.  I'm confused now. 

They are both very open to meeting new people and experiencing new things.  Poppy is quicker to flash a smile, while Olive likes to evaluate people and new situations before she decides how she feels. 

Both girls are incredibly independent.  Olive actually left me in her dust in the Stratosphere exhibit at the Delaware Children's Museum.  She made her way to an exit without worrying or crying.  I, however, was a nervous wreck.  Poppy would absolutely attempt to walk down a flight of stairs with no assistance.  She is strong-willed and gutsy -- two qualities I happen to greatly admire (although when she's a little older, I'm sure these are the qualities that will turn my hair gray). 

They are just so different -- special and unique in so many ways.  There is always one thing they'll have in common though -- a mom who loves them very much!

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