Friday, December 11, 2009

Panzer Chanukah Party

Every year, the Panzer family, which is part of Jill's grandmother's family, holds a Chanukah party so that the many branches of the family can gather and catch up. Here are the highlights from party last Sunday. Also, I apologize if I spelled anyone's name incorrectly!

Great-gramma Stell and Olive

Iddo and Lauren with Olive. They will have their first child next year!

Gabe and Poppy

Pop-pop Lewie and Poppy

Reading the story of Chanukah

Aiden's blue tongue

Ashley and Amanda

Grant, Amanda's twin brother

Mikey and Grandmom

Olive and Aunt Sandy

Aunt Sandy, Evan, and Uncle Mike

Grandmom and Poppy

Leah and Ellen

Great-gramma Stell and Olive

Laura and Dad

Adam playing "Panzo" (Bingo)

Lois looks confused!

Great-gramma Stell and sister Roz

Lauren and Olive

Me playing "Panzo"... and losing

Aunt Sandy and Olive

Poppy gets her first gift!

Evan and Poppy

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LIL MAMA said...

looks like such an awesome time!!!!!!!!!!!