Saturday, December 12, 2009

Visiting Memphis

On Monday, November 30, our nephew Memphis Vaughn Garrison was born at 12:44 pm! Mother, baby, father, and brother all did very well. Memphis was 7 lbs., 14.4 oz., and 21.75 in. long. Born bigger than his big brother, Shaefer, he is just as cute and cuddly! Too bad for his parents that he has his days and nights confused. That must take lots of patience. Keep it up, Maria and David! Olive, Poppy, and I met the newest member of the family on Tuesday. Seeing all of the kids interact with each other was interesting to say the least. Shaefer knows the word "baby" and said it numerous times to me. He was referring, of course, to his new brother, but he also told me that I have 2 babies! He just learned the number 2 in school (daycare) and is very proud! Shaefer also loves to kiss all the babies. If Memphis cried, Poppy and Olive would look at him as if to say, "What are you? Are you another baby?" I wonder what they really thought. There are many pictures below, so enjoy!

So tired!

Memphis has such dark hair.

Look at those beautiful eyes!

"Get me out of this thing!"

Getting ready for the boxing match.

Big Bro Shaefer

Shaefer and Olive

With Maria and David's help, I tried to get all the kids together for a picture. These pictures were taken in the order that they are posted. Just imagine Poppy and Olive distracting each other, Memphis crying, and Shaefer running back and forth to see my camera!

"Need a brother? I know a guy..."

Give the baby a kiss!

Trying to hug Poppy actually scared her!

Maria is surrounded by little ones... what a wonderful mother! Sorry, Poppy. You came out fuzzy in this picture!

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