Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Fun!

Thanksgiving came and went so quickly! Although we had a Thanksgiving feast at our house with Jill's parents, we missed my dad and stepmom... they were sick so they couldn't fly in from the south. Dad and CJ, we missed you very much! The menu included turkey, cranberry mold, yams, stuffing, string beans almondine, mashed potatoes, and probably some other dishes that I can't remember right now. Poppy slept through dinner, but Olive was wide awake and had her first taste of pureed potatoes! Below are select pictures from the big day.

Olive Stew

"I'm falling!"

Beautiful Thanksgiving Attire

Two Pictures of Olive

Poppy Kisses Grandma

Olive winds down.

Poppy winds down.

Olive plays with a free toy!

Olive tries to eat the turkey!

Although Olive didn't eat the turkey, she sure acted like it!

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